Natan Peretz
Natan Peretzצילום: Courtesy

After 5 months of no contact with the outside world, Natan Peretz, a Jewish man imprisoned in Moldova released a 1-minute message to the public. In the frightening message where Natan struggles to hold back his tears, he shared that those around him made 3 attempts to kill him.

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He introduces himself as his prayer name, asking listeners to pray for his well-being and safe return. “Merciful Jews! I am Natan Peretz ben Tamar I have been in prison in Moldova for the past 5 months, enduring bitter suffering.” Natan's family says he is an innocent man duped into taking a parcel on his flight. When he arrived in Moldova, drugs were discovered inside, and he was arrested at the airport and imprisoned without a fair trial.

Describing the character of the inmates, his voice breaks, “They have tried to kill me 3 times already.” Although he narrowly escaped these encounters with death, he and his family know that nothing is stopping them from trying again. When Natan last saw his wife and 3-year-old last, he was a free man, on his way to pray by Kivrei Tzadikim, (Graves of Rabbis). At this point, he may never return to his family's embrace again.

He describes his living conditions, and at this point, it is clear that he is crying, “I have lost weight, I barely ate. I am malnourished, I lost 28 kg (60 lbs).” Natan has no access to kosher food in prison, besides the packages of food kindhearted Moldovan Jews have brought him. He is wasting away to the point of emaciation.

2 weeks ago, the court announced that for a price of $120,000, Natan can go free. Tragically, his family has no feasible way to pay that amount, as they come from simple backgrounds. They have one hope: a crowdfunding page set up by friends. If the goal is not reached, Natan may live out the rest of his years in a Moldovan Jail.

Facing almost certain death in prison, he turns to the only people he can rely on - the Jewish public. “Please help me merciful Jews! Save me! Get me out of here! Redeem me! Do the mitzvah of Pidyon Shvuyim! Please!” Natan’s life and freedom are dependent on the public. To ensure a Jewish man doesn’t die in the hands of Moldovan thugs, click here to contribute.