Israel Ganz with Eric Adams
Israel Ganz with Eric AdamsBinyamin Regional Council Spokesperson

The Head of the Yesha Council and Binyamin Regional Council Head Israel Gantz marched alongside New York City Mayor Eric Adams at the Israel Day on 5th Parade in the city on Sunday and presented him with a pendant to show his appreciation.

Ganz thanked Adams for his support of Israel and told him: "As the mayor of a city which experienced very severe terrorism, you know well how important it is to fight and destroy terrorism. We have a full partnership in destroying Hamas and I appreciate and thank you for that.

"It is not easy to stick with your values in the face of so much criticism. The people of Israel appreciate you firmly standing by our side during this time and your unwavering support of Israel's obligation to destroy Hamas completely," Ganz added.

After that, Ganz and Adams held a one-on-one meeting during which the Council Head presented the Mayor with a special hand-made pendant inscribed with the words "Bring them home now," "Together we will win" in Hebrew, and the symbol of the Binyamin Region - a howling wolf.

Adams was moved by the gift and thanked Ganz and the members of the Binyamin Region overseas desk.