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Naomi Weiss, a bride from the Maalot Dafna area of Jerusalem, is set to be homeless after her wedding. Misreading her financial means, the owner of her apartment insisted on upfront payment for the first 3 months of rent. She begged for permission to pay monthly, stating that she and her groom would have nowhere to live if he didn’t accede to his request. Unmoved by the bride's tears, the owner refused to back down and canceled their contract.

Naomi’s homelessness is only a small piece in a picture of a bride going through extreme hardship as she prepares for her wedding. She is one of 7 children whose father passed away 6 years ago from cardiac arrest. Friends testified that since his passing, the family has been living in extreme poverty, often lacking bread and water.

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Naomi knew that she would be having an extremely basic wedding. However, it has recently become apparent that even a basic wedding was beyond their means. She’s currently 3 weeks before her wedding and has yet to book a venue, catering, and music due to lack of funds. The apartment that just fell through was barely habitable, and the cheapest one she could find. With that option gone, she and her groom have nowhere to go.

With the encouragement of her supportive groom, Naomi recently made one courageous attempt to save her marriage: She created a crowdfunding page, which she explained in a moving letter:

“I’ve suffered a lot in my life, but I dream of having a happy functioning home. Please could I ask you to contribute to my wedding expenses? Nothing you give me will be wasted or spent on luxuries. I need help with basic wedding day costs, and furnishings for my home like beds, linen, and kitchen utensils.”

Readers can help a bride get married with dignity by donating to the fund. With no father to help her, charity is the only thing Naomi can rely on.