Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin NetanyahuYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Right-wing organizations on Sunday sent a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanding that he not accept the outline for a hostage release deal as proposed by US President Joe Biden.

"The fate of the State of Israel is in your hands. For years you called yourself the guardian of Israel and now your legacy is being tested," the heads of the organizations wrote to Netanyahu, adding that "Biden's speech regarding the cessation of hostilities and the rehabilitation of Gaza means one thing: The destruction of the State of Israel! Our enemies are watching carefully. If the war does not end with the elimination of Hamas, it will conclude with the end of the Zionist vision."

"We call on you to announce clearly and sharply that you will not agree to surrender to Hamas," the right-wing organizations demanded. "Hundreds of thousands of fighters mobilized on October 7 and many of them are now in the second and even third round of fighting in the south and north. How can you look into the eyes of the bereaved families and into the eyes of the men and women fighters if you surrender to Hamas?"

"Recently conducted surveys among fighters in the reserves unequivocally state the obvious: The IDF, the people's army, and the entire nation - demands the defeat of the enemy and the crushing of Hamas, not steps of weakness and withdrawal," the letter said.

In conclusion, the organizations wrote to Netanyahu, "Withdrawal from the Strip means canceling all the military achievements we achieved in the war. The end of the war means another October 7, more hostages, more deaths of innocent Israelis. Prime Minister, stop the avalanche, it's time to show patience and courage like the great leaders of the Jewish people before you did. Don't surrender to Hamas!"

The letter is signed by Im Tirtzu, Tekuma, Regavim, B’Tsalmo, Beyadenu, the Forum of IDF Disabled Veterans for Israel's Security, the Sovereignty Movement, and the Choosing Life Forum.