Male, capital of the Maldives
Male, capital of the MaldivesiStock

The President of the Maldives Mohamed Muizzu announced on Sunday that at the end of a cabinet meeting, it was decided to ban Israelis from entering the country.

Muizzu announced that the decision would be sent to the parliament which would amend the immigration law so it could ban Israelis from the country.

During his declaration, Muizzu said that his country would appoint a special envoy to aid Palestinians.

Later, the Homeland Security Minister is expected to hold a rally titled: "The Maldives in Solidarity with Palestine."

Last December, after several anti-Israel remarks, the Israeli Foreign Ministry called on Israelis not to visit the island nation.

At the time the Foreign Ministry wrote that "the atmosphere in the Maldives against Israel is intensifying and therefore Israeli citizens are advised to avoid traveling to the Maldives at this time."