Gafni Netanyahu and Goldknopf
Gafni Netanyahu and GoldknopfFlash 90

Recently, the haredi parties made it clear to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that if he does not manage to secure a majority within Likud for voting on the draft law, they will not vote in favor of it in the plenum.

According to Israel Hayom, the clarification was intended to send a message to the Prime Minister that the haredim refuse to bear the public criticism from their voters for voting in favor of the law, only for the law to ultimately fail due to opposition from Likud MKs and ministers.

Meanwhile, this morning (Sunday), the Supreme Court will convene to discuss, with a panel of nine judges, petitions demanding the conscription of yeshiva students due to the lack of legislation on the matter, as well as the revocation of budgets from yeshivas that do not enlist their students.

The government will try to buy time and obtain a decision that will give them a window of opportunity to promote the conscription law that the Bennett-Lapid government passed in a first reading in the previous Knesset.

United Torah Judaism and Shas see difficulty agreeing to the law proposed by the coalition. The haredi ministers were absent from the government meeting where a delay was voted on in the appeal submitted against the law. In ten days, the Knesset plenum will be required to convene to vote on applying continuity to the draft law promoted by the coalition. Essentially, MKs will be required to vote on continuing the legislative process from where it was halted during the period of the previous government.