Farley Weiss, the chairman of the Israel Heritage Foundation, spoke recently at a special Israel Heritage Foundation event in honor of Israel and Jerusalem organized with Arutz Sheva - Israel National News.

“It's important at this time to have this event. The international Holocaust Remembrance Alliance defined anti-semitism many years ago, including in their definition “Calling Israel a racist state” or “Applying a double standard to Israel”. For the first time in the United States Congress, we now have members who are openly anti-semitic. It's an outrageous situation. We cannot have these people legitimized as if this is an acceptable opinion within any party.”

“It's not acceptable to have anti-semitic opinions in Congress, just like it's not acceptable to have white supremacist opinions in Congress. We need to speak up and let our voices be heard about that this is unacceptable. Israel is fighting a public relations battle and needs all the support that they can get.”

“Antisemitism is out of control on college campuses. They're accepting antisemitism where they would not accept anything else. We say that it's unacceptable that Israel should be treated worse than everybody else.”