Barrage on northern Israel
Barrage on northern IsraelDavid Cohen/Flash90

Sirens sounded just past 8:00a.m. in northern Israel, warning of incoming missiles.

Following the sirens, the IDF confirmed that the siren had been a false alarm.

However, it added, "Earlier, two projectiles that were identified crossing from Lebanon toward the area of Yiftach fell in an open area. Furthermore, in response to the launches to northern Israel throughout yesterday, last night IAF fighter jets struck significant Hezbollah assets in the areas of Qana, Hmaileh, and Aadloun in Lebanon."

"Simultaneously, IAF fighter jets struck an observation post in the area of Tayr Harfa and two military structures in the areas of Jibbain and Khiam.

"In addition, overnight IAF fighter jets struck a launcher in the area of Majdal Zoun that fired projectiles toward northern Israel yesterday, as well as terrorist infrastructure in the area of Rachaya Al Foukhar."

The sirens continued later in the morning, however, with five more sirens during the morning hours.

The IDF confirmed that "two projectiles were identified crossing from Lebanon toward the area of Kiryat Shmona. No injuries were reported. Promptly after, an IAF aircraft struck the launcher from which the launches were fired."

"In addition, this morning, two Hezbollah terrorists who were identified operating in the area of Majdal Selm were struck by an aircraft."

The IDF added that "a surface-to-air missile was fired toward an IAF UAV operating in Lebanese airspace. The UAV was hit and fell in Lebanese territory. The incident is under review."

"The IAF will continue to operate in Lebanese airspace to fulfill the IDF's missions."

Towards evening, sirens sounded three more times, following which the IDF confirmed: "Following the sirens that sounded a short while ago in the area of Acre in the Upper Galilee, the IDF Aerial Defense Array successfully intercepted a suspicious aerial target using the Iron Dome Aerial Defense System. No injuries or damage were reported."

"The sirens that sounded regarding rocket launches were activated in the area of Acre due to the possibility of shrapnel falling from the interception."