CPT Jamal Abbas, Company Commander in the 101st Battalion of the Paratroopers Brigade, was killed on Saturday in a battle in Sheikh Ijlin in the Gaza Strip.

During the battle, his family members, his father COL (res.) Anan and his brother CPT (res.) Gideon, who both serve in the Northern Command, managed to call Jamal for a short conversation, which eventually became their last.

With the family’s permission, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit published a recording of the conversation.

Anan (Jamal's father): Command, from Dad and Gideon
Jamal: Go ahead
Anan: We send you warm greetings. Command, you are the soldiers’ spearhead. Take care of yourselves, fight Hamas, destroy them. Fight boldly. Stay in there as long as needed until victory. I miss you very much and love you. You are supported by the Northern Command and our family. Take care, come back safely, and I’ll see you soon.
Jamal: Thank you very much Dad, and congratulations on the new rank.
Gideon (Jamal’s brother): Command, I wish you great success. Miss you, love you, waiting for your return, until victory, brother, in memory of all the fallen.
Jamal: With God's help Gideon, congratulations on your new rank too.
Gideon: Thank you, Command.