Jonathan Pollard
Jonathan PollardPhoto: Arutz Sheva

According to a recent report, the Israeli government agreed to an American demand that M-16 rifles purchased by Israel from American vendors should not go to anyone other than police personnel. If this is true, it is one of the most disgraceful acts of moral cowardice committed by our leadership I’ve seen in years.

Alarmed at what Leftists both in the US and Israel falsely portray as a surge in Jewish acts of violence in the Territories, the Biden administration apparently intends to restrict as much US security assistance as possible that could protect the lives of over 500,000 Jews who currently reside in Samaria, Benjamin and Judaea. At the same time, the Americans have turned a blind eye to both the flood of illegal Arab weapons pouring into this region, as well as the PA’s campaign of murderous incitement against our people, which includes their infamous “pay for slay” policy. But, it seems that as far as the Biden administration is concerned, any acts of self defense or justifiable retaliation by our citizens against the Arab perpetrators of violence are invariably portrayed as threats to world peace that deserve to be condemned as unacceptable acts of Jewish barbarism.

This is why the Americans feel that forcing radicalized Arabs leaving Jenin by car to undergo a lengthy security check is somehow more egregious than the cold blooded murder of a Jewish family traveling along a shared Samarian highway. This type of sick US reasoning is totally unacceptable as it suggests that the lives of these slaughtered Jews don’t really matter either to the Biden administration or to our own leaders, who only offer up muted criticism of Washington’s indifference to our losses by trying to differentiate between the “good” Jews who are massacred and the comparatively few “bad” Jews, who try to avenge the deaths of their martyred brothers and sisters. Of course, this hasn’t stopped the Americans from continuing to mischaracterize the vigilante actions of our frustrated people as examples of Israel’s brutal oppression of peaceful Palestinian Arab farmers and herders. And lest we forget, these are the same peaceful Arabs who invariably celebrate the murder of Jews with city wide festivities featuring candies and calls for more Jewish blood.

That our own government has contributed to the growing anarchy in the "Territories" (aka Judea and Samaria) is indisputable. Indeed, the Prime Minister’s absolute refusal to implement a decisive campaign to eradicate the various terror groups in places like Jenin and Kalkilya has only allowed them to grow and proliferate throughout the "Territories". But instead of recognizing the deadly results of their failed policy, our leaders have further undermined our security in the "Territories" by ordering COGAT to wage a campaign of wanton destruction against what is improperly termed “illegal” settlement activity, while allowing a massive illegal Arab effort to seize as much land in Area C as they can to occur.

Clearly, anyone with a modicum of awareness of the rising Arab terrorist threat to our security in the "Territories" would recognize that this violence is part and parcel of the Iranian planned multi-front war scenario against Israel which, if realized, could make the slaughter of October 7 pale by comparison. And no amount of “mowing the grass” by our defense and security establishments is going to change this deadly situation. Yet, this growing violence is apparently what Washington sees as a necessary precondition for its so-called “two state solution”. Basically, the Biden administration wants a rising tide of Arab mayhem to empty out the Jewish presence in our biblical heartland, so that a Palestinian Arab state can be created on the ruins of our settlement enterprise. This is the actual reason, then, why the Americans insisted that no automatic rifles purchased by the Israeli government could be handed over to settlement security teams. And we just went right ahead and agreed to Washington’s unjustified conditions without any regard for the lives of our people or the absolute need to maintain Jewish control over the strategic high ground along our coastal plain and the Hevron Hills.

One possible way of defeating both Washington’s “final solution” approach to the “occupation” and the Arab terrorist groups that are the Biden administration’s means of implementing this policy, is for the Israeli government to significantly expand the settlements’ security groups and to declare large areas around each and every settlement to be closed security zones. Our rules of engagement must also be changed to allow lethal fire to be directed at Arab rock throwers, who have been allowed to terrorize Jewish vehicles in the :Territories: for decades with impunity. In addition, collective punishment should be authorized against their places of residence in order to make it clear to Arab communities the terrible price they will pay by encouraging such murderous acts of violence against our people.

But the six most important anti terror initiatives we could implement include the destruction of Jenin and its adjoining refugee camp, the closure of all UNRWA terrorist training schools, the annexation of all Jewish heritage sites in the "Territories" such as Kever Yosef and Har Eval, the dismantling of the PA’s well funded anti Semitic propaganda machine, the reestablishment of our communities in northern Samaria that were abandoned during the Disengagement, and the elimination of all illegal Arab construction in Area C.

These actions will not only signal to the Americans that their delusional dreams of a two state solution incorporating both the "Territories" and Gaza will be defeated, but they will also make it crystal clear to the Arabs that they have only one option if they want to live with us in the "Territories": namely, to stop all acts of violence against our people. If they can’t find it in their hearts to live peacefully with us, then perhaps they should consider leaving for more agreeable places to live. But in any event, we should make it unambiguously clear to both the Americans and the Europeans that after millennia of exile, we have finally returned to our G-d given biblical heartland, never to be driven from it again. If they just can’t accept this reality, then maybe they should offer some of their own land up for a future Palestinian Arab terror state.