Khamzat Chimaev, a Chenchen Mixed Martial Arts fighter who competes in the UFC, took to social media on Thursday to express his support for Palestinian Muslims and make threats against Jewish Israelis.

A story posted to the fighter's Instagram account shows a video depicting a Jew in a confrontation with a Muslim in what would appear to be Jerusalem. Accompanying the video, Chimaev wrote: "You are just guests of Palestine; respect them for giving you asylum, one day you will be expelled from Palestine inshallah (G-d willing)."

The fighter added, "Give me the strongest man in Israel, I will break him."

A short time later, Israeli UFC fighter Natan Levy answered the Chechen fighter's antisemitic challenge. "Khamzat, If you have a problem with me or my people, I'm very easy to find. One phone call to Dana White is all it takes," he wrote on X (formerly Twitter), referring to the CEO and president of the UFC and hinting that he's welcome to arrange a fight.

"Now let me educate you," Levy added, "WE ARE NOT GUESTS, WE ARE HOME Jews and Palestinians have ties to the land, Israel's population is 20% Muslims; most identify as Arab or Palestinian by nationality and Israeli by citizenship, They are equal citizens, are Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, serve in the government and even the military."

Levy continued, "Both Israelis and Palestinians want to be treated with dignity and humanity. We both want the world to recognize our ties to our homeland, where we have lived in for thousands of years. We are willing to share the land, and we have, but we will never leave it!

Palestinian leadership has declined at least seven offers to split the land between Jews and Arabs in exchange for peace. Israel even withdrew from the Gaza Strip as a peace offering in 2005, but now rockets are launched from there at our homes. Their leaders would rather keep the people in pain while they hold onto money and power. Palestinian Authority hasn't held elections in almost two decades. You are a mouthpiece for these corrupt leaders."

The fighter concluded: "Your hateful statements do nothing but intensify the conflict and tear us further apart."