Rabbi Eli Hecht
Rabbi Eli HechtCourtesy
In a couple of weeks, Jews the world over will be celebrating the holiday of RoshHashannah.

Remember the celebration of Rosh Hashannah takes place not on the first day of creation, but on the sixth day, when man was created.

One of the distinguishing features that sets man apart from all of creation is that man has a free choice and can use this special divine gift in many ways.

As a matter of fact, there are two main opposing paths.

He may act badly, using the path to self-destruction, destroying everything around him. Or he can choose the right path by elevating everything around him to possible perfection, as instructed by the Holy Torah.

In our holy land Eretz Hakodesh, there are many distinguishing groups that have opposing beliefs. This causing many paths sometimes good other times bad.

On RoshHashannah, man stands before Almighty G-d and prays that he choose the Torah path. The Torah is divine and eternal, teaching everybody in the world to choose the correct way, by elevating and sublimating the physical world to a spiritual world.

Let’s use the time before RoshHashannah to correct our actions and direct our energies to Torah and mitzvot

To our families in Israel we ask you to

Make the right choice and choose the right path…

Rav Eli Hechtis Director and Founder of Chabad of South Bay, Lomita California, former President Rabbinical Council of California, and Vice President of the Rabbinical Alliance of America