When the cancer fills my lungs, even the respirator won't help. The metastases will fill my body with fluid and I will simply lie down and suffocate. I think about myself. Shimon, an 8-year-old boy who until a few months ago was the most sociable in the class. I loved so much going out to play with my friends, building interesting things with Lego, until one day I could no longer move my leg.

In less than two months my mom was told I had stage 4 bone cancer. Stage 4 is the end, isn't it?

I am lying in my bed and thinking about my family at home, my big brother who is my best friend, and all the things I won't be able to enjoy if cancer wins. In the last surgery, my lungs swelled up, and it was very painful, it never hurt so much to breathe in my life! I am afraid, I am afraid of choking in bed. I am afraid to look my mom in the eyes when I run out of air and she will not be able to do anything to save me. My last chance is a very expensive surgery, and then a long series of very hard treatments. My parents can't afford to pay for all I need.

I beg you, don't let me just suffocate here! Don't let cancer kill me!
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Please daven for: Shimon ben Alona