Ed Cox, an American corporate and finance lawyer and the current chairman of the New York Republican State Committee, spoke at the at the Arutz Sheva Israel Heritage Foundation Yom Yerushalayim celebration dinner, which was held in Manhattan.

Cox is the son-in-law of President Richard M. Nixon and First Lady Pat Nixon, and the brother-in-law of Julie Nixon.

“A fellow named Seth Lipsky, who was a great editor of The Wall Street Journal and now he has restarted The Sun in an internet format, asked me, ‘Ed, what are the similarities between what your father-in-law did for Israel in the Yom Kippur War and what is going on now in Ukraine?’” recalled Cox.

“I thought about it, I said a few things, thought more about it and I thought that this is something that I ought to put in The Wall Street Journal. And I wrote up the piece and submitted it and they printed it. The title on it was: ‘Ukraine: What would Nixon do?’ and it’s simply my description of what my father-in-law did.”

“On the holiest day of the Jewish year, on Yom Kippur, [Israel was] caught unawares, attacked from Syria and Egypt – you all know the story – and Israel suffered huge material losses and was in very deep trouble, and they asked the United States for help,” continued Cox, adding that when the Defense Department asked Nixon whether the Air Force should send C-130s or C-5As to Israel, Nixon replied, “I don’t care. Send anything that flies.”

“That did it. The C-130s, C-5As…and the morale boost, the equipment coming. Israel, of course, then went on the offensive and the Arabs were being defeated, and Moscow said: ‘Alright, we’re sending Russian troops.’”

“What did President Nixon say? ‘We’re going to DEFCON 3. You send troops, we send troops.’ What did Moscow do? They backed off, and they did not get back into the Middle East until President Obama invited them in for some red line issue and they’ve been in there and causing trouble ever since,” said Cox.

“The only way you get something done with an ally, and support them and bring peace – the Arabs never attacked Israel again like that – you do that through strength. It’s only through strength that you get respect and that you actually can [defend yourself],” he continued.

“I was asked what’s the relationship between the United States and the Republican Party, since I’m chairman of it, and Israel? And I said: We and Israel are allies, yesterday, today, and we will be forever,” stated Cox.