Aftermath of terrorist attack
Aftermath of terrorist attackHezki Baruch

In a turbulent region plagued by terrorism and ongoing conflicts, the Avior Organization has emerged as a beacon of compassion and support, extending its assistance to victims of terror and Israeli citizens affected by the relentless challenges posed by terrorist organizations. Founded by the family of Avraham Bar-Or, a victim of a bus bombing in Jerusalem 20 years ago, Avior has become a vital lifeline for those impacted by acts of terror and the enduring hardships brought about by armed conflicts.

Terrorism victims and their families need your assistance

Supporting Victims of Terrorism:

Avior's primary mission is to provide unwavering support to victims of terror, recognizing that their pain and trauma extend far beyond the immediate aftermath of the attacks. The organization offers comprehensive assistance programs that address the multidimensional needs of survivors, encompassing trauma counseling, medical support, financial aid, legal guidance, and educational/vocational opportunities. Through these initiatives, Avior empowers survivors to rebuild their lives, reclaim their sense of self, and find hope amidst the tragedy that has been forced upon them.

Aiding Citizens Affected by Ongoing Conflicts:

Avior's commitment to supporting the citizens of Israel goes beyond addressing the aftermath of individual terrorist attacks. The organization recognizes that living in a region fraught with unceasing conflict presents unique challenges for its people. To address this, Avior extends its support to Israeli citizens affected by the relentless threats and acts of aggression from terrorist organizations. Through targeted programs, the organization offers psychological counseling, emergency aid, and resources to help individuals and families navigate the uncertainties and disruptions caused by ongoing conflicts.

The vital work of the Avior Organization relies on the generosity and support of individuals who share its vision of healing, resilience, and solidarity. By contributing to Avior, you have the power to make a meaningful impact on the lives of victims of terror and citizens facing the ongoing challenges posed by terrorist organizations. Your support not only helps provide practical assistance but also sends a powerful message of unity and resilience.

We must stand united in supporting Avior's mission to bring hope, healing, and empowerment to those affected by terrorism and ongoing conflicts. Together, we can make a difference and be a source of strength for individuals and families navigating the tumultuous realities of life in the face of terror and conflict.

Terrorism victims and their families need your assistance

The Avior Organization serves as a guiding light, offering vital support to victims of terror and Israeli citizens grappling with the unrelenting challenges brought about by ongoing conflicts. Through its comprehensive assistance programs, Avior provides a lifeline to survivors, helping them heal, rebuild, and regain control over their lives. Let us rally behind Avior's noble cause, honoring the memory of Avraham Bar-Or and all those affected by terrorism and the hardships of ongoing conflicts. With your support, we can bring comfort, resilience, and the promise of a brighter future to those who need it most.