MKs Aiman Odeh and Ahmad Tibi
MKs Aiman Odeh and Ahmad TibiFlash 90

Regarding the departure of counterproductive Israeli Arab MK Ayman Odeh from politics, one can only feel contentment. Such Israel-hating politicians are easy to identify. I remember that after having seen a picture of him and his ilk holding their hands up as a 'victory' sign after the 2020 Israeli election, an unexpected thought popped up in my mind: these officials look like fat rats.

Sorry for this disparaging comment but I recount a fact here, and we don't always have control over the thoughts that pop up in our mind.

That picture proved that these anti-Semitic delegates are not as ill-fated as they claim to be - with their huge noticeable bellies, giving evidence of the good life they lead in the country they are bent on destroying. 'Ill-fatted' would surely be more appropriate in their case. This obesity of theirs confirms that these parliamentarians are far from being oppressed in Israel.

It is indisputable that some Israeli Arab citizens have a hard time, like any other citizen the world over facing trying social conditions, but the main reason behind their present situation is that these Israeli Arab politicians don't care the least about their constituency. These plump elected officials would rather militate against Israel and thus pose as heroes for the foreign Arab press rather than bettering the lot of their electors.

So instead of improving the Israeli Arab citizens' social conditions in such areas as security (rampant violence in Arab neighborhoods), employment, education, housing… situations to which the Jewish State can significantly help solve, these delegates would rather spend their time sabotaging the only democracy in the Middle East. They prefer neglecting their duty, spit on the hand that feeds them LIKE PRINCES (Israel loves her enemies - even a little too much sometimes), and voice their support for terrorism.

Those close to Odeh stated that the purpose of his retirement is "to inject new blood into Arab politics in Israel." Let's hope that this 'new blood' won't be as bad blood as his. (Bad blood: feeling of ill will arousing active hostility - Ultralingua dictionary)

Effectively, not all Israeli Arab politicians are bad blood. George Deek, Israeli Ambassador for Azerbaijan, is a very refreshing diplomat. Amen to that!

Marc 'Edge' Doyon is with Légende Communication, Quebec, Canada, where he is a computer graphic artist specializing in visual communication.