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Only a few years ago, Dubai would not have been on most Jewish travelers' radar.
Today, however, Dubai is a top Jewish destination, and you can enjoy this amazing travel experience with Gil Travel Group. It’s easy to keep Kosher in Dubai, and more and more people are discovering the magic of the UAE–from some of the best shopping in the world to adventure day trips into the desert.

The good news is that the more the UAE opens up to Jewish travel, the more likely there are to be kosher hotels in Dubai and kosher options for Jewish travelers in the future. Already, there are enough options to make sure your trip is easy and you never have to worry about finding a good and kosher meal in Dubai.

Hotels to stay at if you want to keep Kosher
There aren’t Kosher hotels in Dubai, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options. Some hotels offer Kosher breakfast and can point you toward nearby kosher restaurants for other meals.

Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City
This 5 star hotel with 3 swimming pools, a spa, and a great fitness center is located right in the center of things in downtown central Dubai.

The hotel provides a special kosher breakfast option and is the closest kosher option to the Dubai airport, so they are the perfect kosher option for layovers and business trips.

The breakfast is prepared at the hotel’s kosher-certified kitchen and the meals start from AED 150 per person.

This hotel was the first to be certified by the Emirates Agency of Kosher Certification (EAKC).

It’s the perfect location to enjoy the benefits of downtown Dubai, like shops and sights, as well as a nearby beach.

Specific Kashrut details: The breakfast is Mehadrin Kosher and the meals are kosher under the EAKC supervision of Rabbi Levy Duchman, Chabad emissary to the UAE. Guests outside the hotel can also order the kosher breakfast.

Intercontinental Hotel Dubai-Festive City
The King David Kitchen inside the Intercontinental has Glatt meat options for Dinner and Shabbat. For breakfast, there is a Cholov Yisroel Dairy kitchen for breakfast. Shabbat and packed meals are also available. The hotel also has a synagogue and Torah inside for Shabbat services.

Nearby, you can visit the Covent Garden Market, several great spas, and the Burj Khalifa.

Specific Kashrut details: The supervision is done by Rabbi Pinchas Cohen, Chief Rabbi of Netivot.

Hilton Garden Inn Dubai Mall
The Hilton Dubai Hotel has many of the same kosher benefits as the Al Habtoor City.
The Hilton Garden Inn Dubai Mall is a 4-star hotel in the Al Barsha area, near the Emirates Mall. It’s perfect for anyone coming to Dubai to experience its excellent shopping scene.

The hotel has a fitness center and a swimming pool.

The Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo are nearby.

Specific Kashrut details: The hotel has a kosher breakfast and kosher-packed lunches. Breakfast is served daily in the morning from 7:00-10:30. To book breakfast, register by email at [email protected]

Armani Hotel Dubai
This 5 star hotel scored a 9 on Booking and is home to a Kosher restaurant in Dubai. If you want to be in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, this is the perfect (and most luxurious) option. With spectacular views of skyscrapers, canals, and the marina, you’ll have your kosher feast and a feast for the eyes. There’s a fitness center as well as a wellness and spa center.

The Armani Hotel is close to The Dubai Fountain, Souk Al Bahar, and many spas.

Specific Kashrut details: Of the 7 restaurants in the hotel, the prestigious Armani restaurant is Kosher and supervised by EAKC.

Jumeirah Creekside Hotel

Another 5 star hotel, this one is located in the Dubai Canal area, also close to the airport. There are two outdoor swimming pools as well as a spa and fitness center.

Here you can visit the Dubai Creek Harbour and the nearby wildlife reserve.

Specific Kathrut Details: The hotel’s kosher restaurant is called “The Kosher Palace” and is under the supervision of Rabbi Duchman, the Chief Rabbinate of the United Arab Emirates.

The H Dubai

The H Dubai is a 5 star hotel. There’s an excellent spa, a swimming pool, and a gym.

The hotel is near all of the most important tourist locations, including the Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Frame.

Specific Kashrut details: If you’re looking for dinner with a view, the 37th floor of this hotel is home to the TLV Kosher restaurant, a meat kosher restaurant under the supervision of Rabbi Duchman.

Habtoor Grand Resort

The Habtoor Grand Resort is another 5 star hotel with a great fitness center, spa, and two swimming pools.

Nearby you can visit the Sunday Walking Street Market, Disneyland Park, and Paloma Beach.

Specific Kashrut details: Habtoor Grand Resort offers kosher breakfast but you should register with the hotel in advance.

V Hotel Dubai

The V Hotel Dubai is 5 stars and located in the center of Dubai, close to the Dubai Water Canal, Dubai Mall, and Burj Khalifa. They have a swimming pool, spa, and gym.

Specific Kashrut details: The V Hotel Dubai has a Kosher breakfast but make sure to register in advance with the hotel.

Shabbat Plans

The Chabad House of the United Arab Emirates has prayers and meals on Saturday at the Address Dubai Marina Hotel.

Kosher Restaurants

Keeping Kosher in Dubai isn’t hard when there are so many dining options to choose from.

Rimon Market

Rimon Market is a kosher supermarket that opened in 2022. They sell meat, chicken, prepared foods, and packaged products.

Elli’s Kosher Kitchen

This Kosher caterer is supervised by the Orthodox Union as well as the EAKC.

Elli’s Cafe and Bakery

This bakery is connected to Elli’s Kosher Kitchen. They are dairy (Chalav Yisrael) and located at the Golden Mile, Palm Jumeirah area.

Treat Kosher

Treat Kosher is another kosher catering service.

Mul Hayam

This place has great Kosher Israeli-style food.

Cafe Bibi

The perfect stop for dairy food. This restaurant is in the Mazaya Shopping Center, so that you can take a break in between your shopping day!

The Kosher restaurants in Dubai are supervised by the Chabad Rabbi of the UAE, Rabbi Levy Duckman, who runs the Emirates Agency for Kosher Certification. The Kashrut is Glatt LeMehadrin, Pat Yisroel.

Convinced yet to go on a Kosher trip to Dubai? There’s so much to do in this amazing location and no shorter Kosher options.

This article was written in cooperation with Iris Hami, President of Gil Travel Group.