Reservists protest judicial reforms
Reservists protest judicial reformsAchim Leneshek

MK Matan Kahana (National Unity) suggested to American officials that the refusal to report for military duty in protest of the government's judicial reform plan has caused a situation where the IDF could not evict Jewish communities as part of a diplomatic process.

According to Israel Hayom, Kahana visited Washington two weeks ago and held meetings regarding US-Israel relations. One of the issues brought up during a conversation between the MK and the administration was the consequences of the judicial reform and the opposition to it. Kahana stated that the way that the reserves pilots' protest was seen brought a situation where the eviction of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria is "no longer relevant."

As reported, in response to the government's judicial reform plan, many IDF reservists, including fighter pilots, threatened not to report for duty when called.

Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to such threats: "Surrendering to refusal to serve is a terrible danger for Israel. Surrendering to refusal to serve will also lead to a refusal on the other side. The state cannot exist without the IDF. People responsible for the country's security suddenly crossed all lines with such cynicism. I'm waiting to see one 'former' [top commander] who will stand up and say no."