Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump
Ron DeSantis and Donald TrumpREUTERS/Carlos Barria/File Photo

Just slightly more than one-third of self-identified Democrats want to see President Joe Biden nominated again as the party’s standard-bearer in 2024, according to a new poll.

The ABC News/Washington Post poll found that among voters who lean Democrat, just 36% say they would like the Democratic Party to nominate Biden for another presidential run, compared to 58% who said they would prefer someone else.

The results were nearly identical among registered Democrats, with 38% saying they would like to see Biden as their nominee, compared to 57% who said they would prefer another candidate.

Among self-identified Democrats, Biden is most popular among older, college-educated whites, and less popular with younger voters and non-whites. Just 30% of non-white Democrats want Biden as the party’s nominee in 2024, compared to 41% of white Democrats.

The split is even sharper between younger voters and those over 50, with just 22% of voters under 50 favoring Biden as the Democratic standard-bearing, compared to 50% of Democrats over 50.

By contrast, most Republicans would be satisfied with either of the current top candidates, former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Sixty-four percent of Republican leaners and 68% of registered Republicans said they would be satisfied if DeSantis were the party’s candidate in the 2024 presidential race, compared to 75% of Republican leaners and 76% of registered Republicans who said they would be satisfied if Trump were nominated.

Trump currently leads DeSantis by roughly two-to-one among Republican-leaning voters, 43% to 20%, and 45% to 21% among registered Republicans.

Among all respondents, just 36% say they approve of President Biden’s job performance, compared to 56% who disapprove, including 47% who strongly disapprove.

If the 2024 presidential election were held today, 45% of registered vpters said they would vote for Trump, compared to just 39% who said they would back President Biden’s reelection bid.

DeSantis led Biden by a similar six-point margin, 44% to 38%.