Oren Hazan
Oren HazanCourtesy of The Jerusalem Post Group

Former Likud MK Oren Hazan, a resident of Ariel, spoke on Thursday at the “Celebrate the Faces of Israel” conference of the Jerusalem Post in collaboration with the Museum of Tolerance, which was attended by President Isaac Herzog, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, current and former US Ambassadors and the Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Lion.

Hazan spoke of the need to increase construction in Samaria in general and in the city of Ariel in particular. "When I look at the story of Ariel, as someone who lived and grew up in it and raises his children in it, I understand that the key to the whole Land of Israel lies in Samaria in general and in the city of Ariel in particular."

"The story of the entire nation of Israel takes place in Samaria, and we must strengthen and build in Ariel, the capital of Samaria, and say with a clear voice - this is our land," he added.

"Those who want to see a strong Jerusalem and a strong Tel Aviv and live in a strong country should strengthen Judea and Samaria and build in Ariel. Remember - whoever builds in Ariel helps build the State of Israel!" stated Hazan.