Scene from anti-government protest
Scene from anti-government protestErik Marmor /FLASH90

Israel Police have summoned Roee Neuman, one of the organizers of the anti-judicial reform protests, for interrogation, apparently due to a post he wrote on Twitter following a recent protest at which mounted police were documented striking protesters.

Neuman is expected to present himself at a Tel Aviv police station at two o'clock on Monday afternoon, accompanied by his attorney Gaby Lasky, a member of the Meretz party.

"Instead of fighting terrorism and dealing with violence and incitement directed every single day against protesters, police are dealing with those who are leading a non-violent democratic struggle," Lasky said. "This is a political interrogation designed to silence us and cow, by means of threats, those who dare to criticize the regime and those opposed to dictatorship. These are methods adopted in full from dictatorships and this is what the country will look like if the judicial revolution passes."

Neuman's summons follows a post he uploaded to his Twitter account, in which he berated a mounted police officer who struck a left-wing protester.

"We will make sure that not only does this police officer face justice and sit for many long years in prison," he wrote, "but also that after he leaves prison, he will be persecuted by us for many long years. Remember what happened today, and do not forgive it. Accursed are those who attempt to harm our democratic protest, may they be cursed now and for the rest of their lives."