Giulio Meotti
Giulio Meottiצילום: עצמי
Sonia Backès, French secretary of state for citizenship, has just said that "political Islam wants to bring the Republic to its knees". If only it were the République…

The French National Institute of Statistics has just provided us with numbers that tell of an unprecedented change of civilization in the history of a country that is the cradle of European culture. It is truly historic: there are more practicing Muslims than practicing Catholics between the ages of 18 and 59 in France. Reading the latest report from Insee, the French Statistical Institute, helps us understand the change of civilization we are experiencing in Europe.

One and a half million of Catholics pray and 800,000 go to church. Two million Muslims pray and 726,000 go to the mosque. There has already been an Islamic overtaking of Catholicism. And without considering the under 18s, where Muslims outclass Christians with Bulgarian percentages.

Le Monde reports that secularization is proceeding quickly only for Catholics. Muslim immigrants are not becoming “woke”. The postmodernist virus has not corroded their minds. 91 percent of Muslims educated as Muslims remain so. They remain religious, even after two generations. The use of the veil for women is also increasing: from 18 to 29 percent of all women in France in just ten years.

Three years ago, Muslims in France were 7 percent. Today they are 10 percent. Pierre Brochand, former director of the French internal secret service, has just said that "the critical point will be when Muslim immigrants cross the 50 percent threshold”. France is already teetering on Islam at 10 percent (in most big cities it's 20 to 30 percent).

"Four important pieces of information have just arrived while France is looking elsewhere" writes Eric Zemmour, the man who had foreseen it and was not listened to, rather tried and demonized. “Immigration in France today represents 19 million people. For a country of 68 million people: that's colossal. Immigration is steadily increasing everywhere in France, both in absolute terms and as a proportion of the population, and is increasingly Africanising. The number and proportion of Muslims are increasing, with an ever more marked orthodoxy. Today there are 55 percent more veiled women than in 2013! Among Muslim women of sub-Saharan origin, the use of the veil has more than doubled. Historical turning point: Islam becomes the first religion practiced on French soil (attendance of a place of worship, frequency of prayers, etc.): the number of French Muslims who claim to practice it today exceeds that of Catholics who claim to practice”.

"In forty years, France has become the nation in Western Europe where the population of Muslim origin is the most important", wrote Vatican Radio. "It is not difficult to hypothesize that we are now close to the overtaking of Islam over (French) Catholicism".

Already a few years ago it was estimated that in France, for a practicing Muslim, there were three practicing Catholics. But if this analysis was deepened, the relationship was reversed. Comparing the weekly attendance at Friday prayers in the mosque and Sunday mass in the church, the scenario is clear: 65 percent of practicing Catholics are over 50 years old. In contrast, 73 percent of practicing Muslims are under the age of 50. Le Figaro writes: "Two Ifop studies contain precise elements on the religious practice of the under 34s (understood as Sunday mass or Friday mosque): on 16 p 100 of practicing Catholics belong to this age group against 48 percent of practicing Muslims. These percentages indicate that currently in France there is one young practicing Catholic for every three young practicing Muslims”.

Macron's adviser on Islam at the Montaigne Institute, Hakim El Karoui, also reveals that Islam is the first religion practiced in France. "There are more practicing Muslims, between 2.5 and 3 million, than practicing Catholics, 1.65 million".

Edouard de Lamaze, president of the Observatoire du patrimoine religieux in Paris, the most important organization that monitors the state of places of worship in the country, revealed that "although Catholic monuments are still ahead, a mosque is being erected every fortnight in France, while a Christian building is destroyed at the same rate. He creates a turning point on the territory that should be taken into consideration”.

In 1976 France had 150 mosques, 900 in 1985, 1,555 in 2001 and so on in a dramatic progression. Today, as Algerian novelist Boualem Sansal says, "there are 3,000 mosques". And at the end of the century there will be 10,000.

Au revoir, France!