The scene of the attack in Jerusalem
The scene of the attack in JerusalemPolice Spokesperson

The Institute of Forensic Medicine has found DNA belonging to the terrorist Muhammad al-Saibi on the police handgun, which he grabbed from a police officer on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and used to fire at him and at additional officers on Friday evening.

The police wrote in a statement following the findings: "Since the shooting attack, in the media and social networks, false versions regarding the case have been spread and deny the fact that it was an attack in which a terrorist almost killed police officers who defended their lives in the face of immediate life-threatening danger."

The statement continued: "These findings are in addition to the testimonies of the police officers, which were taken after the attack, and to other evidence which indicates that it's unequivocally a theft of a police officers service weapon and a shooting attack, just as reported on the night of the attack. Unfortunately, even now, there will be those who will continue to deny the fact that this is an attack. Those who published false publications regarding the incident should today ask for forgiveness from the police officers who acted bravely by neutralizing the terrorist."

The statement concluded, "This is forensic and unequivocal findings, which teach about the sequence of the attack, exactly as it was reported by all the police officers who were at the scene of the incident, and as a result, it was also reported by the police to the general public."

Following the attack, the Police released a statement regarding the lack of security footage of the incident: "All the security cameras were checked in the area, and unfortunately, the attack itself was not recorded on security cameras or on the body cameras of the police officers who, in those seconds, were fighting the terrorist and working to neutralize him. Contrary to incorrect publications - not every corner in the Old City/Temple Mount has security cameras. Also, the attack did not take place on the outside of the chain gate, which is indeed well documented, but rather on the inside."

any Arabs, as well as those on the far left, doubt the police's version of events, even going as far as to claim that al-Saibi was innocent. Addressing the terrorist's funeral, Arab MK Ahmad Tibi (Joint List) stated, "How have no videos been released? We demand that all footage be released so we can learn what really happened. The same thing happened to Ya'kub Abu Alkia'an and Ayid Alhalik. We allege that the officers coordinated their testimonies. They said the exact same thing, and it's suspicious." According to Tibi, "Not only do the Arabs not believe the police, but the Jews also don't believe them either."