Anti legislation demonstration
Anti legislation demonstrationCourtesy

Demonstrations were held Saturday evening against the government's judicial reform legislation despite the legislation freeze that was announced on Monday. According to the protest organizers, demonstrations took place in 150 locations across the country, with the central one being in central Tel Aviv as in past weeks.

Prior to the demonstration in Tel Aviv, protesters marched down Rothschild Boulevard to Kaplan Street, where Natan Netanyahu, the Prime Minister's cousin, whose mother served as a Supreme Court justice, spoke.

In Jerusalem, the author David Grossman and Ori Banki, the father of Shira Banki, who was murdered at the city's LGBT pride parade in 2015, addressed the demonstrators. A demonstration was also held across from the home of Justice Minister Yariv Levin in Modiin.

The demonstration outside the home of Justice Minister Levin:

המחאה נמשכת: מפגינים מול ביתו של שר המשפטים במודיעין

Attorney Dr. Eliad Shraga, the Chairman of the Movement for Quality Government, addressed a demonstration in Ashdod: "We are the light, and Netanyahu and his partners are the darkness. We are democracy, and they are dictatorship. We are love, and they are hate!

Netanyahu, like a man who runs from the truth, knows deep inside that he is not fit to be the prime minister, he knows he doesn't reach the minimum ethical bar to be prime minister, he knows he's corrupt, he knows he's ethically rotten, and he knows he doesn't lead by example."

The protest organizers stated: "We are for weeks away from the passing of the dictatorial law. Whoever read what the Justice Minister and other officials said understands that, unfortunately, they don't want to reach a consensus, but only want to gain time and put the protests to sleep."