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A group of left-wing activists who organized protests against the now-frozen judicial reforms have vowed to bring hametz (leavened bread products) into hospitals on Passover to protest the passage of the 'Hametz Law' on Tuesday.

"The trembling tyrant and his draft evaders have now sneakily passed in the third reading the law prohibiting the bringing of hametz into hospitals on Passover," attacked the organizers.

"Therefore, during Passover, our people, as well as thousands from the general public, will bring hametz into the hospitals in a variety of ways, take pictures and upload them to social networks," they stated.

They all make it clear that the demonstrations against the judicial reforms will not stop even after Prime Minister Netanyahu's announcement that the judicial reforms legislation would be frozen: "The trembling tyrant and his servants have finally reached the end of the line. The protests will only escalate."

The Hametz Law barring the bringing of chametz products into hospitals into hospitals on Passover, which begins next week, was passed in its third and final reading in the Knesset Tuesday.

48 MKs voted in favor of the law, with 43 opposing. Likud MK Idit Silman, who served as the coalition whip under the previous government, submitted the bill. Silman resigned from the previous coalition in protest against the withdrawal of the regulations barring the bringing of hametz into hospitals on Passover, prompting the political crisis which ultimately brought down the coalition.

"All that we are doing with this law is protecting the Jewish identity of the State of Israel," Silman said.