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The Islamic Jihad's "Palestine al-Yum" website published an article regarding the "disintegration" taking place within the ranks of the IDF due to the recent wave of reserve duty soldiers refusing to serve. Hundreds of reserve pilots refusing to attend training exercises last week has been at the forefront of the ordeal.

Israel's crisis has been perpetuated by an increase in external threats and the activity of the "Palestinian resistance," according to the article.

Journalist and Israeli affairs expert Hassan Lafi, whose articles are also published on Hezbollah's website, told the site that Israel is not only in a state of national security crisis but also an existential one.

According to him, the country's military preparedness will be strongly weakened by the time the next regional conflict breaks out or in case of another confrontation with Palestinian Arab terrorists.

Lafi further said that the events in Israel reveal the "disintegration of the Israeli army", since the IDF is reliant on its reserves which account for two thirds of the entire fighting force.

Lafi emphasized that the most important unit is the Air Force, and that reserve pilots refusing to take part in military exercises will cause significant damage to the army.

According to Lafi, soldiers' unwillingness to perform their basic duties as a sign of protest has permeated special units such as the IDF's Cyber Unit as well as military medics, and will soon cause the IDF to lose its capacity to attack enemy forces.

The author claimed that if the situation continues, the IDF will not be able to sufficiently address all the threats at its borders.