Jewish-Australian entrepreneur and investor Kevin Bermeister, speaking with Israel National News, has announced that he will move more assets to Israel in the wake of calls from opponents of judicial reform to take investments out of Israel.

Bermeister, the founder of the "Jerusalem Development Fund", and the founding investor in a number of successful technology and real estate ventures, including Brilliant Digital Entertainment, Skype and Jerusalem Development Fund, is in Israel currently.

He tells Israel National News that he is in the process of “moving assets to Israel.”

“We've been here for quite some time already, invested in real estate, we’re building a thousand residential units at the moment. We have three hotels in construction. And we've also invested in technology for tourism, virtual reality 3D animation [where] we have companies here operating,” he says.

“We also have some new assets coming to Israel in the advertising industry and hopefully in the not too distant future we'll see some of our big data analysis in the genetics industry coming here to Israel. We've already conducted research here in the past and we'll continue to do that going forward into the future.”

He adds that he thinks Israel is “fantastic.”

“We've been very successful here so far, and I expect that that will continue. The tech industry is having a little bit of difficulty at the moment, as everybody knows that will pass, and I think we can continue to grow talent here. Talent is super brilliant in Israel and truly makes a big difference in the application of technologies for the world – new innovative ideas happening here very quickly,” Bermeister says.

“I’m looking forward to a bright future here in Israel and you know I come here very regularly and I intend to continue to do that.”