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A two year old was crticialy injured when a 35-year-old Palestinian Arab rammed the car in which her mother was driving on Route 60 near Ofra in Samaria. The mother, who was lightly injured, says the road was empty at 7 a.m. and the driver of the lone Arab car she saw coming towards her swerved into her lane. She swerved to the left lane to avoid him and he did the same, ramming into her at full speed. He was killed.The child is in the Shaarei Tzedek ICU in life-threatening condition

Her family asks to pray for Hadar Noga bat Idit Bilhah

MDA paramedic Lior Shasha and MDA senior medic Ashraf Jat recounted, "We were driving down Route 60 when we saw two vehicles upside down with smoke coming out of them. We immediately reported the incident to headquarters and called for additional assistance. The Palestinian Arab driver was unconscious, without a pulse, and was not breathing, and after resuscitation attempts at the scene, we had to pronounce him dead. A girl, about two years old, and a woman, about 40, were removed from the second vehicle with the help of bystanders. We put them in an intensive care ambulance and took them to the hospital as we continued to administer medical care. the girl was in severe, unstable condition, and the mother was lightly wounded.

On Thursday, three children, ages three, four, and eight, were killed when an accident in Jerusalem. The three children, residents of the Shuafat refugee camp, were on their way to an educational activity. According to a Palestinian report, they were run over by a bus. MDA teams administered medical care to the three children and, while administering CPR, brought them to Shaare Zedek and Hadassah medical centers, where the three were pronounced dead.