Security forces on Sunday evening were able to calm the situation in Huwara, where clashes broke out between Jewish residents and Palestinian Arabs.

The clashes broke out following the terrorist attack in Huwara, in which brothers Hillel and Yagel Yaniv from Har Bracha were murdered.

Security forces who were called to the scene used gas and stun grenades to disperse the rioters. Three Jews were injured from rocks thrown at them by Palestinian Arabs and two more were injured from the gas grenades used by security forces.

In the mosques in Huwara, calls were heard for Palestinian Arab residents to come out and confront the Jewish residents.

After the clashes broke out, the Palestinian Arabs claimed that Jews set fire to houses in the village and broke store windows. The Palestinian Red Crescent reported about 100 Palestinian Arab casualties in the clashes. This number has no confirmation from other sources.

According to Jewish sources, the arson was confined to two vehicle scrapyards where cars were being stored to be used for scrap metal, and nearby buildings merely suffered collateral damage.

Earlier on Sunday, Samaria Regional Council deputy chief Davidi Ben-Zion spoke out harshly against the government following the Huwara attack.

"The miracle which occurred two days ago did not occur today. At the same spot where a girl was injured by a thrown rock, two innocent Samaria residents were murdered an hour ago," Ben-Zion wrote on Facebook.

Later in his post, he declared, "The village of Huwara must be erased, this place is a terror nest, and the punishment has to be on everyone.

"Enough with the pretty talk of building and fortifying settlements," he called on the members of the government, adding, "The time has come that the state of Israel reinstates the deterrence that we lost a long time ago. The blood of our children is spilled there on the streets of Huwara, and there is no place for mercy."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement on Sunday evening condemning the attack while also calling for restraint, urging Israelis against vigilante actions.

"A terrible tragedy occurred today. I would like to send condolences to the Yaniv family, which lost two of its dear sons; may God avenge them.”

“The IDF and the security forces are currently in pursuit of the murderer. We will find him. We will apprehend him and we will settle accounts with him.”

“I ask – even when the blood is boiling – not to take the law into one's hands. I ask that the IDF and the security forces be allowed to carry out their work. I remind you that in recent weeks, they have targeted dozens of terrorists and thwarted dozens of attacks.”

“Let the IDF complete its pursuit and do not take the law into your hands; together we will defeat terrorism."