An announcement of warning by a leading Kabbalist rabbi has been making waves in many religious communities throughout Israel. Rabbi Chaim Ezra HaKohen Prachya, for whom this is the first time making a public statement of this nature, has publicized a sharp call for "prayer and good deeds" to ward off a possibly upcoming catastrophe. The rabbi writes of his difficulty in departing from his custom of not making public announcements - "Woe unto me if I reveal, and woe unto me if I do not reveal. How can I be silent? Forgive me, for I must speak..."

Rabbi Prachyah writes that he sees the possibility of "rivers of blood" but that it can be countered by "tears and sobs, crying out, openly and secretly, night and day, pour forth prayer to our Father in Heaven, and perhaps He will have mercy, perhaps He will have compassion." He also delivered a sharp rebuke regarding election campaign efforts: "Instead of organizing election rallies, organize public fasts, and instead of spending millions on photos of 'false gods," invest all your resources to bring millions of Jews to the streets, led by Torah giants from all the streams, in a show of Jewish unity vis-a-vis the Heavens and the world. Do this! and thus nullify the decree."