An IDF Medical Corps, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Health medical aid delegation will depart tomorrow morning (Wednesday) for southern Turkey.

The delegation is being sent following the earthquakes that occurred this week in southern Türkiye, which injured and killed many, and will depart in accordance with the guidelines of the Israeli political echelon.

The delegation will establish a field hospital, assist the Home Front Command in locating missing persons and extracting them from the ruins, and focus on providing medical treatment in field hospitals using advanced Israeli medical equipment.

IDF Medical Aid Delegation
IDF Medical Aid DelegationPhoto: IDF

Leading the delegation is the Commander of the Search and Rescue Brigade, COL Elad Edri. The preliminary preparations for the delegation were led by the Deputy IDF Chief Medical Officer and Head of the IDF Operational Medical Department, COL Dr. Tomer Koller, who will command the hospital.
The medical aid delegation is a continuation of the assistance provided by the IDF as part of the "Olive Branches" humanitarian aid delegation, following the Home Front Command delegation that left for Türkiye yesterday (Monday).

The 230-member delegation will include officers and soldiers from the IDF Medical Corps and search and rescue personnel from the Home Front Command, as well as doctors, nurses and paramedics from the Ministry of Health. The National Steering Committee for Earthquake Preparedness in the Israel Ministry of Defense will assist the delegation.

The delegation is scheduled to receive vaccinations and will operate in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of viruses in foreign countries in order to maintain the health of the participants.

"The IDF will continue to provide assistance in the name of the State of Israel in disasters that require it and contribute its experience and capabilities around the world." the IDF spokesman announced.