Mordechaipicture used with permission of family

Six-year old Mordechai and his parents have already flown to the U.S. and were admitted to the Boston hospital for preparation for surgery* Today will be the critical day- the implant will be performed and he will begin to hear like everyone else!* His mother tearfully shares: "He was born with only one ear; ever since he grew up a bit, he's felt strange and different"

Six years after he was born with only one ear, little Mordechai, with his father and mother, set off to the U.S. for a complicated surgery which is scheduled for today, during which a new ear will be grafted on.

In the place where his ear should be is affixed a hearing device which is quite obvious to the onlooker. From a young age, Mordechai has undergone many surgeries and treatments whose goal is to enable him to hear at least partially.

The boy developed beautifully. He's the ninth child in the family, and is surrounded by the endless love of his siblings and his dedicated parents; his intellectual and emotional development is wonderful.

Yet, his hearing challenge and the fact that he appears different from other people make life very hard for him.

His parents are aware that soon he'll be an age where the lack of an ear is likely to cause him deep psychological scars- his friends have already begun to ask him questions; the less sensitive among them are likely to laugh at him, chalilah, and every excursion outside the home will be marred by the anguish and rudeness likely to be caused by people young and old alike, who stare at him and ask, "Where did his missing ear disappear to?"

Help six-year-old Mordechai to hear and to look like his friends

He was recently invited to have the long-awaited operation performed. In the past they were told he'd have to wait until he was 11, but since then the medical world has seen great advances, and the operation is possible to perform on a child as young as six, before terrible emotional scars begin to develop.

This procedure is extremely complicated and expensive, costing $100,000. That's about 350,000 shekels. The medical insurance fund investigated the matter and approved a grant of 120,000 shekels. This is indeed very generous, but still far from what is necessary, since aside from the costs of the operation itself, the family needs to pay for their airplane tickets, their lodging while in the U.S., their required documents, medical tests, traveling expenses within the U.S. for the duration of the hospitalization, and more.

They wanted to sell their home- what wouldn't they do to help their child? But caring individuals stepped in and warned them not to make such a mistake- they'll save one child, but make life very difficult for him and for all the other children chalilah if they'd be sunk in such deep debt that they'd have no way to handle it.

So the "Listening Ear" fund was born, and family and friends banded together to help to the best of their ability. But the operation is scheduled for today, and they're still missing a substantial sum to be able to cover all the costs.

After today's operation, Mordechai the tzaddik will be, for the first time, like everyone else. He won't need to hide his ear; he won't feel strange and different.

Each one of us has the ability and the opportunity to take part in this special mitzvah, and to contribute something so that this child will grow up healthy and whole. We can't miss this special opportunity! And in this merit, of helping a Jewish child to hear well, and to look like all his friends, we should merit middah k'neged middah that we should hear and merit to have besoros tovos- only good news- and yeshuos.

Help six-year-old Mordechai to hear and to look like his friends