As Moshe receives his mission to go and lead Am Yisrael out of Mitzrayim, he gets into a long conversation with Hashem and in it he says that no one will believe him.

To that, Hashem responds and gives him a few miracles to preform as proof.

When Hashem instructs him these miracles, He starts off with asking Moshe "What's that in your hand?", and Moshe replies simply "A staff."

This is a very strange Pasuk to say the least, since of course Hashem knows what's in Moshe's hand, and so does Moshe.

But like with other places where Hashem asks the obvious (like when he asks Adam "where are you?" or when he asks Kayin "where's Hevel?") - there's a lot more to this question than what meets the eye!

What's behind this question?

What does it teach us?

And why is this one of the most fundamental questions we need to ask ourselves?