Neturei Karta members meet terrorists
Neturei Karta members meet terroristsReuters

A delegation from the radical hasidic Neturei Karta sect were filmed meeting with members of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in Jenin. The members allegedly waved PLO flags.

Neturei Karta is extremely anti-Zionist, and unlike other anti-Zionist haredi or hasidic sects has actively supported the enemies of the State of Israel such as terrorist organizations and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In 2020, a Neturei Karta delegation attended the funeral of Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Iranian Quds Force, after he was assassinated in a US air strike. In 2006, the Satmar hasidic sect, the largest hasidic sect in the world, condemned Neturei Karta members who visited Iran to attend a Holocaust denial conference and called on the public to disassociate themselves from the members of that delegation.