The rally in Tel Aviv
The rally in Tel AvivCourtesy of the photographer

As left-wing protesters gathered in Tel Aviv to protest Israel's new right-wing and the judicial reforms it intends to enact, flags belonging to the Palestinian Liberation Organization were seen being waved by some protesters.

MK Hanoch Milwidsky (Likud) shared a photo of one of the protesters on Twitter, writing: "The flag of the enemy at a protest against the judicial reform. Does anyone else need an explanation of why this reform is so necessary?"

Among the signs spotted at the rally was one stating: "1933, we can and need to compare," seemingly comparing the new government to the Nazi's rise to power in Germany.

Thousands of left-wing protesters have gathered near Habima theater in Tel Aviv ahead of a march against the new government.

The Omdim B'yahad movement, one of the rally's organizers wrote in a statement: "The extreme and dangerous bodies in the new government which was established are already planning to harm us all: how to deepen the racist discrimination against Arab citizens, how to cut social funding, how to discriminate based on gender and sex.

We will not sit at home holding hands and will not get used to despair and frustration. Where there's a fight, there's hope. And we will fight for our home."