Jamie Zahlaway Belsito
Jamie Zahlaway BelsitoREUTERS

A Massachusetts state lawmaker accused Israel of committing genocide and maintaining an apartheid regime.

Jamie Zahlaway Belsito, a Democrat representing Massachusetts’ 4th Essex district in the state’s House of Representatives, tweeted last Friday that the Biden administration should condemn Israel's new government as a “terrorist regime” dedicated to killing Palestinian Arabs.

“The US must acknowledge that the Israel administration is an apartheid run thuggery terrorist regime on a mission to kill Palestinians. Killing and land taking has nothing to do with anti-semitism. It is genocide.”

A day earlier, Belsito retweeted a post by Arab American Institute founder and frequent Israel-critic James Zogby, who blasted Israel’s new Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, over the basic lines of the new government.

“This is Netanyahu saying what his gov’t will do,” Zogby tweeted. “He crosses every red line of US declared policy.”

“Question: Will we do anything? Answer: Most likely we won’t. Instead White House & Congress will come up w/ lame excuses to delay taking action, as Netanyahu continues on his way.”

In another tweet earlier in December, Belsito lauded the Jordanian film Farha, which portrayed Israeli soldiers during the 1948 War of Independence as genocidal murderers.

“My family sat together to watch this film. The United States has ZERO understanding of what the Nakba is. The truth cannot be silenced. 1948 European British Zionists created a hell on earth. This movie is about visceral hate, ethnic cleansing, terrorism and apartheid. Farha.”