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A study by the Israeli Health Ministry found that the mRNA COVID vaccines used since December 2020 can cause serious long-term side effects, MIT Professor Retsef Levi said.

Speaking with Radio 104.5 FM Tuesday, Levi, a frequent critic of the Israeli government’s handling of the COVID pandemic and its mass-vaccination campaign, slammed the Health Ministry’s initial failure to offer a system for reporting side effects from the vaccine.

“Despite what the Health Ministry declared, that it was closely checking side effects, until the end of 2021 there wasn’t even a system operating to report side effects. Only at the beginning of 2022 did the Ministry establish such a system, allowing people to report side effects.”

“So only a small portion of the reports were actually collected.”

Since then, a team of researchers hired by the Health Ministry analyzed those side effects reports which were collected, finding, Retsef claimed, serious and in some cases enduring side effects.

“The team that was selected did excellent work; it did its research and reached worrisome conclusions.”

“Despite what has been claimed, that the vast majority of the side effects are short-lived and mild, the research team found long-term side effects – problems involving bleeding, muscle problems, neurological problems.”

“The research shows that there is a causal relationship between the vaccine and the side effects; in other words, these aren’t just random reports.”

This June, the report was submitted to the Health Ministry, which held a deliberation on the report’s findings.

Leaked recordings from the meeting revealed concern among officials the Ministry could be held legally liable for injuries suffered as a result of vaccination, due to the mass-vaccination campaign.

"Not only did the Health Ministry not show all of its data, they also took their data and manipulated it to give people the impression that [the side effects] were very, very rare, even though they are not that rare. Not only did they not let the public know, they continued to encourage young people and children to get vaccinated."

"Today there is no question that this vaccine has side effects, though some of the side effects are not apparent, meaning a person may not even notice them."

“It took the Health Ministry a little longer, but I am happy that finally people are starting to realize that COVID is not the be all and end all of health – there are other things that we need to start paying attention to. Perhaps the actual pandemics among children of depression and eating disorders, and many other problems which unfortunately no one is dealing with.”