The newly opened kosher supermarket in the UAE
The newly opened kosher supermarket in the UAEJewish community in the UAE

The first Jewish supermarket in the Gulf is being launched these days, a 7-minute car ride from the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower situated in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates, under the name "RIMON" (meaning pomegranate in Hebrew). Over 100 people came to the official opening of the supermarket on Monday.

The initiative comes from the Jewish community of the UAE headed by Rabbi to the UAE Rabbi Levi Duchman and community members Sonia and Alec Sellem, with the support and encouragement from the local authorities. The Jewish supermarket is set to answer the growing local demand for kosher and much-loved Jewish and Israeli products, in light of the significant increase in the number of Jewish people travelling and relocating to the UAE.

Rabbi Levi Duchman, establishing Jewish institutions in the Emirates since 2014 and the founder of the government-licenced Emirates Agency for Kosher Certification, commented: "Our wonderful community, which keeps growing and prospering here in the UAE, most gratefully continues to benefit from the extraordinary embrace we have received from the Emirates government and local authorities, for over a decade now. In order to enable residents and visitors full Jewish life here, we have established Jewish institutions and communities, openly celebrate Shabbat, holidays and simchas (special occasions) and enjoy quality kosher food, any day and everywhere, across the Emirates."

The unique Jewish supermarket, spanning over 130 square metres in the centre of Dubai, offers quality kosher produce imported especially from Israel, Europe and the US including quality meat and chicken products under the highest Jewish quality standard with Kosher Mehudar certification.

The kosher store will also feature a Jewish food market every weekend, for the many Jews in the UAE looking for hot Jewish meals during Shabbat, offering fresh home cooking from various ethnic cuisines.

The Jewish community of the United Arab Emirates keeps growing, now to some thousands of families, starting out in the late 2000's as a small local community. Nowadays, the many community members and the Jewish visitors hailing from countries around the world enjoy a long line of Jewish institutions established by UAE Rabbi Duchman to enable full Jewish life, including places of worship in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, a Jewish educational system and a mikvah (ritual bath), as well as relocation support, business networking and a rich community life.

Now, alongside a variety of kosher food solutions across the UAE, ranging from kosher restaurants and cafés, holiday and Shabbat dinners and kosher catering, and even an online BASSAR ("meat") shop for orders of kosher meat products straight to their Dubai and Abu Dhabi home addresses – the owners of the Jewish supermarket of Dubai expects dozens of visitors every day to enjoy a one-stop-shop of all their kosher produce needs.