Click here to support Hebron's emergency campaign

Rabbi Daniel Rosenstein, Executive Director of The Hebron Fund, spoke to Arutz Sheva - Israel National News about the critical importance of Hebron's Jewish community and the work American Jews have done on behalf of this ongoing endeavor.

"The Hebron Fund supports local Jewish residents, the soldiers serving in the city, and of course - we had over a million visitors before COVID-19 broke out in 2019 and we're trying to get them back."

"Right now we're running an emergency campaign to deal with some of the security concerns," says Rabbi Rosenstein, pointing out that, "the IDF has cameras in place, but we're adding additional ones so that, our moms feel safe, we feel safe, and the security chief feels safe. We don't want things to happen to the community," he adds.

"Hebron’s security chief needs a new security vehicle, following the terror attack a few weeks ago in which he was almost killed,' says Rosenstein, adding that, "G-d willing with help from our friends in America and Canada we'll be able to keep our security at the level we want."

"People who come here want to connect," says Rabbi Rosenstein regarding tourists who visit and contribute to the city's growing Jewish community. "The Ma'arat Ha'machpela (Tomb of the Forefathers) has never changed its purpose. No matter who was in charge in Hebron, the Jews always found this holy place as a refuge where they could offer their prayers to G-d."

"We are running this campaign to attain urgent security tools," points out Rosenstein. "We have generous friends in the US who've promised to double every donation so that if you give $500 it automatically becomes $1,000 and so on. Please help us out."

Click here to support Hebron's emergency campaign