Scene of the attack 24 hours later
Scene of the attack 24 hours later M.G.

The streets of Jerusalem are eerily quiet this morning. A select few brave individuals cautiously look over their shoulders as they hurry to their destinations this morning, hoping not to find anything, or anyone, that seems out of place.

It’s been twenty-four hours since yesterday’s act of terror, and the entire city is on edge.

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At 7:06 yesterday morning, two bombs were remotely detonated at two separate locations, leaving 18 injured and ending the life of a sweet 16-year-old Canadian boy who was on his way to Yeshiva. Intelligence has yet to find the terrorists who have carried out this act of violence.

Until then, people don’t feel safe.

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During these unforeseen times, ZAKA’s emergency services are even more crucial than ever. Funds are needed so volunteers can arrive on the scene at a moment’s notice in case of another terror attack, G-d forbid. To show Israel support when the country needs it the most, please make a tax-deductible donation to ZAKA by clicking here.