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Shalom Pollack INN: S.P.

Eight years ago I guided a group of Druze Israelis in Jerusalem .

When I asked the group leader which sites they would like to visit he said first of all Har Nof (mountain view).I thought he mistakenly said the name of that quiet Jewish neighborhood but meant the well known sites like Har Habayot or Har Zion.

He explained why they came from their Galilee village to Har Nof .It was there several years ago where one of their people was killed when as a policeman he rushed to the scene of an Arab terror attack in a synagogue. I had to catch my breath.

My cousin Aryeh Kupinsky was brutally murdered in that same attack.

As we drove onto the neighborhood, the group leader if Arabs still dare to enter it.

I told him, yes, of course.

He looked at me with what seemed to me an expression of surprise, pity and disdain.

I knew what he was thinking:

If that happened to one of ours no Arab would risk showing his face in our village.

I felt ashamed. We Jews who proudly returned to our own land and swore never again, have lost steam and pay the price daily.We live with the price. I thought to myself what if the Druze made security policy in Israel

Would its citizens be safer? I knew the answer.

In Jenin an Israeli Druze teen was killed cruelly and his body abducted by Arab terrorists.

The Druze community, as a COMMUNITY reacted.They did not form a lobby or give a press conference or hire a professional firm.They blocked the main road in Israel.The police did not brutally drag them away.

They began to organize an armed attack on Jenin posing for photos armed to the teeth. Israel and the PA spared no diplomatic effort to avoid the Druze invasion of Jenin.

The body was returned after 30 hours.

Imagine G-d forbid if a Jewish teen from Samaria was killed and his body abducted by the same Arab terrorists.Imagine if his community armed themselves and threaten to take the law onto their own hands:

What would be the official reaction and of the press? Fascist messianic religious extremists!There would be a brutal round up and maybe even torture to exact confessions.


Terrorists are holding the bodies of our sweet holy Jewish young men in Gaza for years

The family has been waging a private battle with Israel to return them.

It took the Druze 30 hours.

Is there something to be learned here?

shalompollack613@gmail.comShalom Pollackis a tour guide and author