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Globally, there are various demonstrations for regime change in Iran. Iranian expatriat men and women have relentlessly marched to call for “regime change” and show solidarity and support for protesters inside Iran. At the same time, the uninterrupted nationwide protests in Iran are calling for regime change. Internally, the brave young generation continue to confront the tyrannical regime and target the iron-fisted rule of the mullahs.

The viral videos show that many young protesters symbolically knock the turbans off the dishonorable mullahs in Iran. In addition, seminary schools are one of the main targets of protesters as a symbol of clerical rule in Iran. Ingeniously, the Iranians sent a clear message - which was burning down Khomeini’s childhood home.

Iranian protests
Iranian protestsErfan Fard

As the Iranian people are calling for regime change, Democrats in the white house and European Union are out with another request for the deceitful mullahs to revitalize the dead JCPOA. We all know the problems. So, there’s no need to state the obvious. Ingratiatingly, many pro-regime stooges and lobbies are spreading fake propaganda calling for reforms. Infuriatingly, the US is wavering too much to reinforce clear demands of regime change publicly. In other words, it seems that the current administration in the US does not want regime change in Iran.

How can you succeed in reforming this demonic totalitarian mullah regime? Contrary to this claim, freedom and democracy can not happen without regime change in Iran. . Explicitly or implicitly, Iran is on the verge of regime change as tension on the streets spreads dramatically.

Iranian protest
Iranian protestErfan Fard

Discernibly, challenges lie head, but some countries are reluctant to support it or have a role to play in helping Iran’s protesters. The question raised is "how many lives must be lost to get the world's awareness?".

Roughly 20000 are arrested and more than 500 slaughtered by the thugs of the mullah terror entity. This time, it is a highly visible reminder that this leaderless movement in 2022 is the largest and most critical anti-mullah demonstration the regime has seen since it came into power in 1979. Despite earlier violent suppression, the Islamic regime has faced 18 anti-protests in the past; 14 protests were against the totalitarianism of Khamenei, who is the second Caliph in the religious octopus in Iran.

Today is Iran’s third month, the movement shows no indications of waning, regardless of the savage violence Iran's current governnment has implemented against the unarmed demonstrators.

It is important to note that regime change would ultimately become an appropriate idea. Now advocates of a new revolution have appeared, the main features being democracy, moderation, widespread secularization, human rights and civil liberties, friendship with Israel and the US, and peace with Arab states in the region. It will be a unique phenomenon, certainly a dramatic change in the world order. In terms of its regional affect, the likely triumph of Iranian revolution will terminate the mullah’s long history of terror and aggression. In actuality, the generation is fighting against radical Islamism, Iran’s aggressive contribution to theMiddle East and the Khomeinist ideology of the mullahs.

One could argue that the World is only watching the ongoing protests, but they are paralyzed in the conflict with mullahs. What is undeniable, though, is that even today, some of the intelligence organizations in Israel, the US and Europe are striving to understand the real face of Iran's revolution in 2022. The overwhelming majority of Arab states in the region, ironically, not necessarily most of them, are too confused to realize the aspects, framework and foundation of this spawned resilience and courageousness by Iran’s young generation.

In fact, these intelligence analysts stick to the same question and attempt to respond to the same basic question: how to get rid of terrorist loving mullahs in Iran who want to seize and hold power after collapsing the current mullah’s regime?

It should be noted that the so-called pro-regime 'reformists' have ties with Saudi Arabia. This notorious political mafia has a verity of economic, security, propaganda system, media, lobbies, and cleric’s network.

At the same time, most of the dangerous intelligence figures are related to this Islamic gang. Predictably, they would like to make a deal with Khamenei to remove Raisi from the presidency and seize the state power and agree to compromise. In a sense, it could also be said that there is no possibility their dream will come true.

True, and very surprisingly, Israel is concentrating on an aggressive approach to the mullah’s terrorist loving regime. Simply put, the possibility of regime change can be after the events, of which one will be the bombardment of nuclear sites. Because Israel is capable of striking Iran’s nuclear facilities to stop its nuclear program.

Another scenario which can be considered is restoring Snapback. it will be restored by Security Council resolutions on Iran with all the long-term restrictions and should remain in place indefinitely. Controversially, If the US and Europe trigger and activate mechanism of ‘snapback”, it will lead to regime change more efficiently.

What is especially important to note, however, is that in the 21st century, there is no state more dangerous on the globe than that of the mullahs. The world should give full backing to the Iranian protesters. Immediately afterwards, Iranian activists can have a serial meeting with the US intelligence community and senators and congressmen to educate them regarding Iran.

If you ask one of the CIA’s directors to have a public meeting, certainly, the answer of this respectable veteran might be: “Unfortunately, the leaders of the Intelligence Community can’t meet with Iranian activists, as it would give the regime ammunition to use in the argument that the US Government, namely the CIA, is behind the protests.”

An active effort to achieve regime change is not US policy toward Iran and this has not changed at all. However, there is a taboo or paranoia in the mind of Democrats to talk about regime change in Iran. On the othe rhand, the US and Israel can facilitate regime change in Iran, even by introducing the concept. There is no question that it can be a workable and successful way to help the peace and stability in the region.

Everybody knows that “the Iranian people should complete the process of regime change independently and replace a democratic regime” , however, there is one way to achieve regime change more easily. Standing on the right side of history cannot be a mistake. The US and Israel intelligence can help Iran’s intelligence figures topple the mullah regime. They would like to see regime change in Iran and open the embassy out there once more.

Erfan Fardis a counter-terrorism analyst and Middle East Studies researcher based in Washington, DC. He is in Middle Eastern regional security affairs with a particular focus on Iran, counter terrorism, IRGC, MOIS and ethnic conflicts in MENA. He graduated in International Security Studies (London M. University, UK), and in International Relations (CSU-LA). He is fluent in Persian, Kurdish, Arabic and English. / Follow him from this twitter account @EQFARD