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It’s not Eliana Gold’s first time calling in sick.

As a mother of five, there’s the fevers, the mid-day dentist appointments, and of course, the occasional flu. But recently, Eliana missed more than two months at her job as a clinical psychologist when her life presented an unexpected and heartbreaking twist.

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It began several months ago, when the 43-year-old began to suffer from sporadic and painful pains in her back. Eventually, she received a CT scan where she faced the most terrifying diagnosis of her life-- She had stage 4 cancer, and to her absolute dread, it was detected dangerously late.

Eliana’s family has been devastated by the news and are trying to support her as much as they can but without her income, they lack the funds to afford her much-needed treatment. Because she is so young her doctors have high hopes for her recovery, but without funding for treatment, her chances of surviving are grim.

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“During these fragile moments, I am begging you from the bottom of my heart,” shared her husband Menachem in a heartbreaking letter on an emergency campaign page.

“She has a high chance of recovery but only if she gets this treatment. If not…I can’t even write the words. Our young family needs her. Please, I am begging on my knees, open your hearts and help us save her life. We can’t lose her. She's everything to us.”