The suspect in a mass shooting at the University of Virginia in which three members of the football team were killed was arrested on Monday over half a day after the incident occurred, the Associated Press reported.

The suspect allegedly shot to death three members of the university’s football team in a bus while they drove back from a field trip, officials said.

Two other students were injured in the Sunday night shooting. It happened as the charter bus filled with students coming back from a class field trip attending a play in Washington DC was approaching a campus parking garage.

University of Virginia President Jim Ryan told a press conference that one of the surviving victims was in critical condition while the other student was listed by a local hospital as being in good condition.

The alleged shooter was named by officials as Christopher Darnell Jones Jr.

The incident led to an hours-long search for the shooter and an order for students to shelter in place while law enforcement implemented a search of all campus buildings and grounds.

The order lasted for over 12 hours until it was rescinded late Monday morning around the time that it was announced that Jones had been apprehended.

The university’s police chief Timothy Longo Sr. said that an arrest warrant had been obtained for Jones who was charged with three counts of murder and three counts of using a firearm in the commission of a felony.