Tzvi Fishman
Tzvi Fishman INN: TF

Dear Bezalel and Itamar:

While the coalition discussions are still underway and everyone is clamoring to head the Ministries of Defense, Finance, Justice, Foreign Affairs, Internal Security, and Education, there is another vital Ministry that is being completely ignored – the Ministry of Aliyah and Klita.

Dear friends, think twice.

Your party promised a plan for Diaspora Jewry and for increasing Aliyah before the elections. Now is the chance to act on it. One of you, in addition to the portfolio you favor, or another Knesset Member of the Religious Zionism party, must take the Ministry of Aliyah and Klita under your guidance. Why is this so vital? Because the Redemption of Israel depends on it. The more Jews in Israel the more presence and power of the Shechinah. Every Jew who returns to Israel brings back his or her share of the Shechinah.

Look what the early pioneers succeeded in accomplishing when they were merely a handful! And what a splendid and powerful Medinah we built with less than half of the nation. Imagine in the explosion of power and growth there will be when our missing millions return home. Like a fusion of atomic energy the spiritual revolution we yearn for will surely occur and Mashiach ben Yosef will give way to Mashiach ben David. In addition, when millions of Jews arrive on our shores, the Arabs will understand that their struggle against us is useless and they will willingly seek to live elsewhere on the globe.

Dearest of friends, take the Ministry of Aliyah and Klita where a desperate overhaul is needed. The tired, uninspired, and overstaffed framework and their past leaders have been continuing the same unsuccessful policies for years, wasting hundreds of millions of shekels on programs which don’t work.

-Shlichim travel all over the world on wonderful vacations to give a lecture or two which don’t convince anyone of anything.

-A crazily expensive 3-day convention is held in Basil to celebrate Herzl’s memory, everyone has a great time, but none of the gathered “Zionists” decide to make Aliyah.

-Out of the five million Jews in America, only 3000 new olim arrive each year despitie Nefesh B'Nefesh. A drop of water in the sea.

-The Jewish Agency boasts a great increase in olim but half of them are not Jewish.

Gentlemen, the existing system doesn’t work. A desperate overhaul is needed to save the millions of Diaspora Jews whose lives are in jeopardy, whether through the skyrocketing rate of assimilation or the rapidly increasing levels of anti-Semitism and violence against Jews.

Instead of programs devoted to strengthening the Jewish communities throughout the Diaspora, programs must be expanded promoting Aliyah. The Holy One Blessed Be He doesn’t want to strengthen the galut. He wants the galut to end. In Jabotinsky’s words, “Liquidate the exile before the exile liquidates you!”

Hashem wants his children to come home. Programs fostering Jewish Identity in gentile lands are doomed to failure. As the Gaon of Vilna declared – living amongst the gentiles and absorbed in their alien culture eats away at our Jewish bones and destroys us. The galut must end! New cities for olim must be built in Israel from the Negev to the Golan and throughout Judea and the Samaria. Tens of thousands of new work opportunities must be created. Aliyah must be declared a national number-one emergency project with the enormous budget needed to do the job.

This is the call of the hour. To save the millions of Jews who are wasting away in the darkness and cancer of galut sweeping changes are needed. Don’t let the Ministry of Aliyah and Klita fall into hands ignorant and indifferent to Israel’s holy Redemption as envisioned by the Prophets of Israel. Bezalel and Itamar, Itamar and Bezalel – take the Ministry of Aliyah and Klita.

For the sake of our nation and the cities of our G-d.