Today, I had the pleasure of having a very inspiring conversation with Rabbi Tuvia Teldon who is the author of the book called Eight paths to Purpose.

Rabbi Teldon moved to Long Island in 1977 after receiving his Rabbinical Ordination from the Central Lubavitch Yeshiva in Brooklyn.

As Executive Director of Chabad Lubavitch of Long Island since then, he has been instrumental in the growth of Lubavitch on Long Island and the 25 Chabad Centers around Nassau and Suffolk.

He now oversees the activities of 33 Rabbis in the largest Jewish educational network on Long Island. He is also a member of the UJA-Federation cabinet for East Long Island, a board member of the website, and two other international programs stemming from Lubavitch Headquarters in Brooklyn.

Rabbi Teldon is the host of the weekly Cablevision talk show ‘The Jewish Spotlight’, which airs in the LI and NYC Metro area, and features local and regional guests to discuss various topics.

As a Chabad Rabbi for more than 40 years, Tuvia Teldon was driven to take his spiritual learning to a new level after his son’s death from Cystic Fibrosis in 1991. He began a 28-year journey that culminated with the publication of the book, Eight Paths of Purpose, which seeks to help others understand the variety of ways we can fulfill our purpose, and how central this is to our core being.

The eight paths are not a quest for meaning born from pain and suffering. They do not attempt to make meaning from tragedy. Rather they dare us to do the work that comes naturally to all creation except to humans, to find our own unique purpose, our own unique way that each of us is called to do the work of repairing the broken world around us, in spite of our own sufferings. Teldon tells us that even though we are wired to do the work of tikkun, the work of the repair of the world, we must still choose to do it.

Tikkun is our purpose and choice is our partner.

I hope you will enjoy this beautiful interview.