Thomas Nides
Thomas NidesREUTERS/Lee Jin-man/Pool

US Ambassador to Israel Thomas Nides congratulated Israeli Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu Thursday, two days after Israel’s 25th Knesset election.

Nides announced via Twitter Thursday evening that he called Netanyahu to congratulate him, adding he is “looking forward to working” with the new Israeli government.

“Good call just now with Benjamin Netanyahu. I congratulated him on his victory and told him I look forward to working together to maintain the unbreakable bond.”

An hour earlier, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban congratulated Netanyahu with the message “Mazel Tov!” on Twitter.

Sharing a photograph of himself holding Netanyahu’s newly released memoirs, Orban wrote: “What a great victory for Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel! Hard times require strong leaders. Welcome back!”

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also responded to Netanyahu's election victory, tweeting: "Welcome back, Netanyahu —you were missed!"

On Wednesday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz congratulated Netanyahu with a Hebrew comment on Twitter.

Congratulations to the people of Israel on a robust high turnout election and clear choice of Netanyahu to form a government,” he tweeted.

Cruz concluded his tweet by writing in Hebrew, “Behatzlacha, Chaver” (lit. Good luck, friend).