Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Ben-Gurion University of the Negevcourtesy of BGU

An Arab student was convicted by the authorities of Ben Gurion University for inciting violence and praising terrorist "martyrs."

Following a complaint from Im Tirtzu’s branch at Ben Gurion University, Wotan Madi, a student at the university, was convicted by the university's disciplinary court of disobeying the campus authorities, after she recited an incendiary poem by Muhammad Darvish that reads "Don't forget the martyrs", in a demonstration commemorating Nakba Day on campus.

Activists of the Im Tirtzu movement claimed in their appeal to the university that Madi's words constituted a violation of a precondition to which all the student organizations in the university committed themselves in an earlier meeting, according to which chants supporting violence would not be heard during the demonstrations that day.

The expected punishment for the student who supports terrorism ranges from a reprimand to the termination of his or her studies.

CEO of Im Tirtzu, Matan Peleg: “Wotan Madi should have been in prison a long time ago due to her expressing support for terrorists and martyrs on social media during “Operation Guardian of the Walls.” She was mistaken in thinking that she would be able to continue her incitement on the grounds of Ben Gurion University. Contrary to what she tried to claim, Darvish wrote his poem in direct reference to terrorists who carried out suicide attacks, 50 years after 1948.

"We are proud of our activists who acted courageously even in the face of attempts to threaten them and restored national honor to the university. We hope that the university's decision will be an immediate elimination of the incitement so that students will know that hostile acts won’t be tolerated on campus.”