Matan Kahana
Matan KahanaElazar Rieger

MK Matan Kahana from the National Unity party was a special guest at the Israel National News/Arutz Sheva studio set up near Homesh Wednesday, and was the only one of the guests from the political establishment who refused to sign a commitment to deal with the cancellation of the Disengagement Law after the elections.

In an interview with Uzi Baruch, Kahane claimed, "Unfortunately, all the talk about canceling the Disengagement is meaningless. Previous governments didn't do it either, and I can honestly say that in the government I dream of forming it won't happen. All the talk is meaningless talk, and Smotrich and Rothman know it too."

He addressed the issue of the Palestinian Authority's takeover of Area C. "Benny Gantz is well aware of this situation. He is working to stop it by all kinds of means and continues to act against the illegal Palestinian construction. Also regarding the young settlements, Benny Gantz is trying to work to create a routine fabric of life for the residents. Gadi Eisenkut as well is not a left-wing person and wants to strengthen the settlements. I am happy that I am a right-wing member of a national center party like the National Unity party."