IDF operation in Jenin
IDF operation in JeninIDF spokesperson

Overnight and this morning, IDF, ISA and Israel Border Police forces conducted counterterrorism activities in several locations in Judea and Samaria.

Following the joint efforts of the IDF, ISA and Israel Border Police, Diaa Muhammad Yusef Salama, a 24-year-old Hamas terrorist residing in the Jenin camp, was apprehended while carrying an M-16 rifle in his possession.

Diaa Muhammad Yusef Salama is responsible for carrying out recent attacks against security forces and planned to carry out additional attacks. Israeli security forces also located a military vest and an M-16 rifle in the area.

In addition, during the activity, two suspects were apprehended.

During the activity in Jenin, a number of armed suspects shot live fire at the security forces in the area. The forces responded with live fire. Hits were identified.

During the activity in Jenin, explosive devices and a massive number of shots were fired from armed suspects at the security forces. The forces responded with aimed live fire towards the armed suspects. Hits were identified.

We emphasize that the presence of uninvolved civilians in combat areas poses a life-threatening danger.

In addition, IDF soldiers operated in the city of Nablus and apprehended two suspects that are suspected of shooting live fire at IDF soldiers who were conducting security activity at the entrance to Joseph’s Tomb. Additionally, a handgun was located. During the activity, shots were heard in the area and rocks were hurled at the security forces in the area.

IDF soldiers also operated in the city of Hebron and confiscated a gun suspected of being used to shoot live fire at Israeli vehicles on September 29, 2022, in an agricultural area adjacent to “Gal’s Farm”. Therefore, it is cleared for publication that security forces apprehended the suspect responsible for shooting the live fire earlier this month.

In the town of Burqa, two individuals suspected of terror involvement were apprehended.